“My son has been a Stratagemics camper for 6 years now, and honestly, it’s his favorite time of year.  He lobbies every year for us to schedule family vacations so that he won’t miss camp!  He enjoys both the company and the competition.  It’s also been fun to see all the new games he’s brought home that we now play together as a family.”


"Seriously awesome Strategy Game camp that my son and his friends love. He looked forward to each day. His 3rd Saturday of the Month sessions are a deal, too."
 "This is a great fun camp with a casual gaming enviroment. It is great for any level of gamer and it fun for all ages. I have been for four years and i meet someone new each time i go to an event."
 "My son has been to these camps for the last 4 years and really besides Christmas and family vacation, these are his favorite weeks of the year.  He only knew one of the games they play when he started, but Curt and his crew are great teachers and by the end of the first week he was teaching us all kinds of new games, many of which we play as a whole family now.   It's a real low key atmosphere that teaches them to exercise their brain, trade fairly and lose gracefully."