Game Nights

Every third Saturday of the month we get together for a night of open gaming. Gamer parents are welcome to stay and play, or just relax at the restaurant, but it's not required that you stay. We usually have between 20 and 25 in attendance, ages from 8 to 19. Magic is by far the game of choice for the evening, although other games make an appearance some nights. Gamers should bring gear for playing AND trading, although that's not required. These are great for experienced Stratagemics campers to get together and see friends from all over Charlotte, and they're great for those who have never been to a camp to see what kind of people come, to see what Magic is like (the biggest game at the camps), and to meet Curt, the director. We welcome visitors! Come check us out.

Details are here:

3rd Saturday Game Nights

  • 5pm to 9pm every third Saturday of every month
  • McAlister's Deli at 4805 Park Road, south Charlotte
  • Cost: $10, or $5 if you own a Stratagemics t-shirt (email us to reserve yours)
  • Parents can drop off or stay for good food and free wifi
  • Most kids come to play Magic. If you would like to play something else, bring it along!
  • Remember to bring some extra cash for the good food at McAlister's
  • Check our Facebook page for reminders or changes in schedule or plan
Email Curt at Stratagemics dot com to get on our email distribution list so you don't miss any Game Nights or other announcements!