Better than Monopoly!

Great strategy games go way beyond Candyland and Monopoly, and they are growing. According to the big data site

“Serious games — whether they be hobby games, boutique games or Euro games — are having a moment. Over the past five years, their market has grown an average of 15 percent a year, to $700 million in 2013. The Settlers of Catan and Ticket to Ride ...  are the third- and fourth-best selling board games on Amazon.1 There’s more to these games than “roll the dice, move your mice.” Games in this broad category are typically characterized by deep strategy, an emphasis on skill and the lack of player elimination. In other words, they’re not Monopoly.”

Deep strategy and an emphasis on skill require concentration, strong memory, adaptability, long term strategy and short term tactics. They require the ability to learn fast and to retain what is learned. At Stratagemics camps, your child will see and play a great variety of games and will learn from our highly skilled returning campers. Not only is it good for the brain, it’s tremendous fun! Follow the links for more articles on the value and fun of strategy gaming:

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